Disruption Maps

D-Map™ - aka "disruption mapping - our new and unique disruption mapping software tool helps organize massive data sets on technology trends and disruptions, leveraging interactive charting and sensitivity analysis to monitor and assess emerging trends and technology breakthroughs. The complexity of combinatorial forecasting is daunting, but D–Map gives you the ability to perform what-if scenarios on emerging trends, to explore new technologies and emerging strategies, to better map and understand potential futures, and to optimize your business strategy. D–Map provides essential leverage and insight. 

D-Maps are part of OS/i– the Operating System for Innovation - a comprehensive innovation management software tool suite that provides essential functions and capabilities for senior leadership, innovation managers, and creative contributors throughout your organization. Incorporated throughout OS/i are sophisticated capabilities in machine learning to leverage the computer’s ability to sort through massive data sets and find useful matches, dashboards and carefully designed visual interfaces to help you see the important patterns and gain useful insights. 

It consists of:

InnoMetrics™ - senior management tools for strategic alignment, innovation portfolio management, internal innovation audits, and performance tracking.

Fusion™ - operational tools for project and workflow management throughout the innovation process, from the very first spark of an idea all way through research, assessment, design, development, and release.

Idea Machine™ - powerful creativity tools to support and enhance idea generation, idea tracking, idea sharing, and to help organize further development, including challenges and contests.

And now, it will include D-Maps, as part of a comprehensive set of tools that can help you launch, instill and reinforce innovation proficiency throughout your organization, supporting you in developing successful products and services faster and more sustainably. OS/i is based on a proven model of innovation that has been successfully deployed in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profits and in small and medium sized businesses world-wide.

There's much more to say about Disruption Mapping, and we would be happy to share more about the long range vision for this technology with you in person. Contact us to set something up.

Click here to download the OS/i white paper.