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FutureLab is developing, in partnership with leading thought leaders and experts, a unique series of workshops, trainings and webinars focused on building practical innovation skills for an exponentially changing world.

MindSpark is unlike anything you have ever experienced in the innovation space. Drawing on decades of study, practice and experience, the workshop conductors have woven powerful and effective innovation principles with novel transformational exercises, deep self-exploration and eye-opening doses of inspiration and motivation to help you and your team unlock the deepest resources of creativity. The highly experiential format literally transforms you at your core being to live and breathe creativity as well as become a happier, more confident, more focused person with the commitment to become an unstoppable success. This is not just about learning how to come up with ideas, it’s about achieving life mastery through the path of creativity in a way that will impact all areas of your life. 

Date and Pricing is pending. It is proposed to be a physical event, so we need to wait until the pandemic is over.

$2,495.00 25

The ability to focus intently on the task at hand is a skill, and like any skill, it needs to be exercised, practiced and slowly mastered. Yes, for some, it comes naturally. But for the mass majority, it simply doesn’t come naturally – and we’re faced with unique and new challenges: the cognitive pressure of multitasking lifestyle, the stress of accelerating technology and racheting competitiveness in the business world, horrendous practices in public education that inhibit natural focus skills and creativity. All of this leads to a significant compression of time in today’s “always on” information explosion.