The Flow Dojo

Normally, we work with Fortune 500 companies, but are often asked if we offer something for emerging leaders from smaller organizations.

Something that can help everyone, from startup founders to middle management to individuals seeking to change careers.

For you, we're preparing something called The Flow Dojo...

Over the last decade, the formula for successful leadership has changed dramatically. What is needed for the 21st century is something new—leaders need to be more visionary, more collaborative, more transformational than ever before. In essence, 21st century leadership requires the ability to lead rather than push, to motivate by example, to be truly unstoppable, to understand and nurture breakthrough creativity, to demonstrate empathy and emotional intelligence, to thrive in complexity and undiscovered blue waters of emerging markets, and to see more clearly both into the future and into the human heart.

The Flow Dojo™ is designed for both fast track executives and startup founders, to deliver what you need most — an opportunity to develop and expand your natural talent and expertise in key areas: business model disruption through decentralization strategy and quantum thinking, peak performance through high energy focus and emotional intelligence, team building through evocative communications and agile collaboration. All of this comes together to develop, expand and refine the new business skills you need to lead, re-conceptualize and optimize your business for an exponential potential in the brave new digital world. 

We are working on deploying an online training program in 2020, in a format that can fit your busy life. The Flow Dojo will offer rapid, immersive and fun online trainings that can accelerate your personal and professional growth, and prepare you to become the 21st century leader that your 21st century company demands. It’s not about struggling, it’s about simply dropping into what is called a "flow state", to tap into the natural joy and bliss of peak performance, enhanced focus, supercharging your creativity and empowered communications. This can make a difference in your work and your life.

Peak Performance and Cognitive Flow States

We will kick off with four offerings: Focus Lab, the MindSpark Online Training, Empowered Speaking.

MindSpark™. Drawing on decades of study, practice and experience, the workshop conductors have weaved proven innovation principles with powerful transformational exercises, deep self-exploration and eye-opening doses of inspiration and motivation to help you and your team unlock the deepest resources of creativity. This highly experiential format literally transforms you at your core being to live and breathe innovation as well as be a happier, more confident, more focused person with the commitment to become an unstoppable success. This is not just about learning how to come up with ideas, it’s about achieving life mastery through the path of creativity, to impact all areas of your life. This online training combines mindfulness and visualization techniques with creativity building exercises, to increase core motivation and unleashing inner constraints that hold people back from peak performance. We blend this inner work with Agile collaboration techniques that can unlock the hidden energy of your team.

Focus Lab™. The ability to focus intently on the task at hand is a skill, and like any skill, it needs to be exercised, practiced and slowly mastered. Yes, for some, it comes naturally. But for many of us, it simply doesn’t. And so, what we’re facing today is a focus gap, in which most people are failing to achieve their natural potential for mental peak performance. This is your chance to breakthrough to FOCUS – a solid method backed by proven scientific and psychological models for reining in your focus; techniques for overcoming deferring and procrastination; and a program to keep you from relapsing back to ineffectiveness. This training provides an opportunity to change old mental paradigms of non-productivity, to use the power of visualization and mindfulness to get past creative blocks, proven techniques for conquering procrastination and time-wasting, a map and model for achieving unstoppability. Based on methods of qigong and mindfulness training paired with time-boxed focus practice sessions, this experiential learning process will take you to the next level of personal productivity.

Empowered Speaking™. This training unlocks the secrets of developing and delivering a powerful and evocative TED Talk. You will learn how to move people to action, open minds and hearts, vocalize what it is deeply important to you… and transplant your idea into their minds so it becomes a shared vision. This is all about achieving a higher level of authenticity, to share who you really are – all woven into a breakthrough presentation that aims to be concrete, credible, emotional, unexpected and features “WOW” moments – to illustrate the “jaw dropping ideas” that are the mark of a great TED talk. It should be emphasized that great leaders involve their people in the communication process to create the goals to be achieved, so it will require a team effort. Leadership is influence, and this is how to speak with power. It’s also how to frame the journey, by learning how to tell a story that is so compelling that it makes sense of what you and your organization are here to do.

Finding your Soul Venture™ Like a soul mate, there is a startup that you were meant to found, nurture and bring into the world. The Soul Venture is the big idea that you are uniquely qualified to found, and is the business you were meant to bring into the world. Because it's "the One" – it will be so meaningful to you that it will unlock deep reserves of core creativity and resilience. This, in turn, will power your unstoppability. This is your idea that is truly worth sharing, the team that you love working with, the venture that isn’t just about making lots of money... it’s the vision that helps propel you into becoming who you are meant to be in the world. What you'll learn is that first step to true leadership is to clarify purpose and to receive a vision. And so, this first step is all about finding your mission in life – something that inspires not only your company, but you're the entire world to take action and follow you. It is about the refinement of your foresight, and learning how to instill hope and purpose in others. It is about finding something larger than yourself to believe in. It all begins with what we call the discovery dialogue process. 


If you’d like to find out more, let us know below. The fun begins in 2022, after the pandemic is over...

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