Language Parenting and Innovation

In recently released article in Pediatrics, researchers explored the acquisition of language and the significant role that parental behaviors play in the process. Language development is one of the most crucial milestones in childhood and has been shown to predict occupational and academic success as well as social cohesion and psychological health. And so, distinguishing the specific parental characteristics that enhance or harm language acquisition is vital.

In this paper, the researchers refer to what is now being called “language parenting” – specific behaviors in which parents are attuned to the emotional and physical cues of their child, thus creating a better way to explore and learn from their environment. This study provides strong evidence that children who are surrounded by such behaviors are 280% more likely to develop strong linguistic abilities compared to children without such influences.

It should be noted that certain innovation trends, like mystifying technologies like blockchain and quantum computing, are like mini languages. And in the same way, pedagogical approaches similar to language parenting can help business executives accelerate their acquisition of technology fluency, which is vital for leading corporate transformation by innovation.

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A Mind-Blowing Vision: The Physical Internet

There’s a really wild idea taking root in the logistics business that asks the question: “Can we make real life more like the Internet?” From this, the vision of the Physical Internet was borne: a crazy notion to model the physical world of transport logistics after the technologies and methodologies of the digital internet. This vision was pioneered by Benoit Montreuil of Georgia Tech University, seeking to “packetize” logistical processes to create more efficient, effective, and sustainable supply chains based on open standards and processes.

So why is this important in the world of innovation? Because it's by studying truly breakthrough ideas, as they are emerging, that we can learn to master the art of innovation. This is the perfect opportunity to do so because this is a huge idea. Read this, and feel the excitement, and share your ideas about it in the comments area!

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What is Optimization and Why Should I Care?

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, companies are desperately seeking competitive advantage. And there are only three ways to get there: product differentiation, value pricing, or operational excellence. To achieve operational excellence, the key to unlocking success often lies in supply chain management – finding the best possible solution to your company’s planning and scheduling challenges. And that’s that optimization boils down to – seeking, analyzing and determining a path that will boost customer satisfaction and bottom-line results.

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The Smartest Wall of All

All the United States can think and talk about these days is “The Wall.” The reality is that this unrealistic and likely-to-fail campaign promise is actually a distraction from real emergencies… and not just opioids and climate change. America needs to realize that — in terms of our economic future — there was recently a major Sputnik moment. The Chinese government has launched a “Manhattan project” to insure they are the ones who make the major breakthroughs in quantum computing and communications — by building the world’s biggest quantum computing research complex, called the National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences in Hefei, the capital of the eastern province of Anhui. They have committed $12 billion to win the quantum computing race.

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The Art of InnoHacking

Innohacking is an emerging new process of ideation for developing disruptive business models more effectively. Its roots are based in the concept of “growth hacking” — a process used by Internet marketers that leverages rapid experimentation across the marketing funnel, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the business to identify the most efficient ways to virally grow a business. Used by companies like Dropbox and AirBNB, those who understand growth hacking will enjoy a competitive advantage that is difficult to overstate.

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