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The rate of change is not just accelerating,

Humanity is facing something very new.... discontinuous change.

Is your firm prepared for this new frontier?

In the near future, humanity will undergo massive discontinuous change as three new technologies are globally deployed and begin to converge: artificial intelligence, blockchains and most importantly, quantum computing. At the same time, massive societal shifts are happening that require we understand the human condition at a deeper level.

This discontinuous change that has already begun is different from the “normal” exponential change we’ve been experiencing for the last few decades, based on Moore’s Law which has doubled computing speed every 18 months. For example, quantum computers can tackle complex problems that are currently impossible today, or that would take an impossibly long time to solve: In one experiment, a single quantum computer solving an optimization problem bested 1 million computers at Google by a factor of 100. That’s 100,000,000 times faster overnight, which is a lot more than doubling steadily every 18 months. 

Quantum algorithms could slice through Internet encryption like butter, to make the worst case scenario of Y2K look like a picnic. And when quantum computing impacts machine learning, we’ll see positive feedback, increasing returns cycle that will accelerate both disciplines. In this intertwined manner, new technologies will bring humanity new medicines, new catalysts, new business models, new industries.  

The perfect example of discontinuous change in societal processes is the pandemic we're in. All you have to do is look at how rapidly things fell apart, but also, the remarkable speed at which vaccines were developed.

Therefore, companies that blend blockchains, quantum algorithms and a deeper understanding of human need and societal evolution will develop stronger core business models that will enjoy a significant advantage in exploiting this next “mother of all frontiers” — like a ship that sails the edge of a perfect storm, to slingshot past its competition.

FutureLab Ventures is focused on opportunities generated by discontinuous change.

Innovation is a complex problem, a problem of uncertainty, risk, and creativity. In today’s business environment, companies assume a predictable future, but this is about to shift into something new, accelerating the evolution of humanity. But it is possible to manage discontinuous change. For example, FutureLab is working on next generation hybrid quantum computing solutions that are deployable today, offering significant computational advantages, and using the same code set that will support quantum annealing and other emergent technologies in the future. This means the ability to pre-test quantum algorithms, validate new models, and generate incremental revenues on the way to the quantum future.

FutureLab operates both a consulting arm and a boutique venture studio that is focused on this type of approach – it's a living laboratory for experimenting with mindset change, strategies for societal change, and technologies like decentralization and hybrid quantum computing. Our goal is to bring together innovation, strategy, community, technology, investment and wisdom – that will power the transformation of society in the 21st century.

Our team of Silicon Valley veterans has the combined experience of more than 100 years of success on the leading edge of business design and execution, and we offer a unique set of services that are focused on only one objective: to help your new venture plan and navigate discontinuous change and its concomitant super-exponential opportunity. We can help you envision the impact of blockchains and quantum computing. We can help you build advanced technologies more effectively. Heck, we can even help you write hit songs!

We've already de-emphasized the consulting services side of FutureLab, in order to focus on the new ventures side of the business. The flagship offering is DISH, the Digital Immune System for Humanity, a decentralized approach to public health and pandemic management. [Read more about this project HERE]. We have a number of other breathtaking new ventures under incubation, and would be happy to discuss our efforts with notable value-added investors and co-creation partners.

If you’d like to find out more, let's talk!

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