Is your strategy good enough to get you there?

Accelerating global change is the compelling context in which every organization operates. New technology, increasing competition, and changing customer needs have powerful and sometimes brutal impacts throughout the economy, and the only way to survive is to master change.

Your organization’s strategy has to respond to many critical driving forces, including rapidly improving technology, changing customer expectations, globalizing markets, new business models …

To meet these challenges requires clear vision and solid goals, of course, but it also requires something more, something deeper. True strategy is not only a matter of defining future goals, but just as importantly it means determining the best ways to achieve the goals through brilliant planning, the proper methods, and realistic means, for goals without a path are only a source of distraction.

And in our changing world, getting there inevitably requires investment in new ideas and initiatives, which is to say, innovation. Hence, the organizations with the best strategic performance are those that effectively connect these three critical elements:

  • Goals
  • Strategies, and 
  • Innovation

In fact, managing the vital linkage between goals, innovation investment and your organization’s strategy is one of the most powerful levers that you have to influence and shape the future success of your enterprise.

Note also that the linkage is not only a one-way street. The learning must go in both directions – strategic goals set the stage for innovation, while robust and effective innovation efforts exert significant influence on your strategy, by creating compelling new possibilities and opportunities that will help to shape your view of the strategic landscape, and the initiatives that shape it.

Successes also enables additional initiatives, thereby creating a virtuous cycle of growth and success, and achieving such a cycle is the mature expression of strategic planning at its very best.

FutureLab has articulated a complete point of view, and a detailed set of tools and methods to help you think through the future, and hence to engage in comprehensive strategic planning endeavors. 

In addition, working with our Innovation SWAT Team, you can stress-test your strategic concepts and explore the deeper dimensions of concepts, plans, and execution.


FutureLab Strategy Services

  • The Innovation Master Plan
  • The Innovation Audit
  • Dynamic Trend Analysis
  • D-Curve Scenario Planning