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Pivot App

Does your organization need to be more innovative?
Of course it does.
So the question is not whether, but how.
And Pivot App may be the answer.

Pivot enhances results and reduces risks by providing you with the capacity to see what's going on inside your innovation pipeline across dozens or even hundreds of innovation projects, and to strategically shift your portfolio in response to exponential change. Built in adaptive machine learning turns your social network into a self-optimizing neural network to help you find the best ideas.

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Workflow Fusion

Complexity is increasing the demands on your time.

So can you get more done with less effort?

Workflow Fusion is a smart mobile app that helps you do more by enabling you to organize, prioritize, delegate, monitor, and assess your workload. Integrates with email, calendars, RSS and productivity apps to control information overload... and intelligently "agilize" your team with social workflow management.

A powerful app for everyone.


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The Idea Machine

Innovation can come from anywhere.
So where are the great ideas hiding in your organization?

Find them with The Idea Machine, a simple app that enables everyone to share ideas, figure out which are best, make them even better, and coach people all at the same time. This is a new agile approach to distributed brainstorming, that integrates iterative group ideation, with in-context, in-vivo innovation training.

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We want to strengthen the way people brand, by offering a powerful new approach that helps businesses learn how to grow a soulful brand culture, to inspire engagement, and to more vividly bring brands to life.



Over 17 testimonials from branding gurus, CEO’s, marketing experts and designers.



A revolutionary new process that combines the best in Agile Brand Planning.



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More than anything else, Soulful Branding principles are what givebrands vitalenergy. It's insightshavere-energizediconic world class brands, strengthening internal culture, brand image and business results. If every organizational leader were to read Soulful Branding, it inspire them in a transformational way. Here is your chance to envision how to build a stronger company and a better world.

Our Rave Reviews


Errol Arkilic

Errol is CEO of M34 Capital and co-creator of the Innovation Corps.

Agile Innovation promises to profoundly transform businesses and institutions. This must-read book is a strategic imperative for anybody aiming for success in a brutally competitive, digitally-accelerated business world…


Jack Canfield

Jack is the bestselling author of The Success Principles.

This thought-provoking and inspirational book is a must read for anyone seeking to master the art and science of innovation and accelerated business development. It's a map that will lead you to exponential breakthrough success in the new Digital Gold Rush.


Louis Litt

Louis is creative director of the Advertising Make Sense inc. He is responsible for the lastest award winning commercials.

We've tried to find the right creative tools in the past, but now we've found your products, the search ends. Thanks.


Mike Ross

Mike is an intern of the Global Important Business Group. He works together with Rachel Zane to improve the workflow.

After recommending your products for the company, I will get a very good job offer when I finish my internship.

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